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ATI - system ensures the provision of industrial robots, automated production systems and related services. Welding, handling, palletizing, plastic, die casting presses operation, maintenance forms, automation forging presses, finishing (deburring, deburring), painting - these are typical applications where robotics has found a home for over 20 lety.V last decade penetrates even into areas such as solar technology, wood and others.

The main objective of the introduction of robotics is to help producers improve productivity, product quality and worker safety.



nasazení robota při porcování na jatkách robot s frézovacími nástroji robot jako atrakce

Our company specializes in robots, FANUC, ABB and KUKA, which offers a wide range of models from small SCARA belonging among the fastest and most reliable in its class, to the biggest robots with capacity 1300 kg, ranking among the largest and most powerful on the market. The German company KUKA Robot Group is one of the leading suppliers of industrial robots in the world and for each application offers the perfect solution suitable for the sector. In the menu, so you can also find palletizers, gantry robots, robots for clean environments, robots made of stainless steel or heat-resistant models.

Robot KR5 Scara R350 Robot KR210 pro čistá prostředí Robot KR210 Robot KR180 pro slévárny



What we can offer

  • analyze the possibility of deployment of industrial robots for your operation
  • by award robotized workplace design including selection of optimal model
  • arrange delivery and assembly robotic workplaces or entire production lines
  • according to the technological input program the robots
  • Robot / She will join the workplace automated manufacturing technology
  • prepare a complete automation of your production process or part
  • perform optimization and acceleration of the production cycle
  • provide maintenance and service
  • We will train your staff




We will provide a quick and quality service. Service facilities is a group of electrical engineers knowledgeable in the field of technology management, robot control, control actuators, electronics and power electronics.


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Example of usage (video used with permission from ABB)

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