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Time is money - this password is valid from ancient times and today is its importance highlighted.

The term refers to the use of automation control systems (eg, controllers, computers, sensors) to control industrial equipment and processes. "

our company will therefore offers the ability to automate your manufacturing process - implementation of the control system is usually in the form of various configurations of SIMATIC S7. But surely advise you as to the earlier S5.





Shortening of production lead time
Time is now a critical success factor. Come to the market as quickly as possible with the product and be able to quickly fill the market with a sufficient number of products is more important than ever.



Ability to respond to customer requirements
Shortening lead times aa production capacity as quickly as possible to settle the order is received the current market dictates. This is related to the ability to respond quickly to the changes from customers and the ability to offer a wide range of product variations. Previously reached production readiness of the warehouse, which is currently not profitable and sometimes not even possible. Slogan-Addressable product for the customer's address - can be achieved is through automation.




Substantial increase in the quality of
Quality means a lot today - almost everything. Customers today are willing to pay a higher price for better quality product than a lower price for poor quality product. Automation allows the introduction of extensive operational and process controls without increasing enforcement officers. Removal of human intervention in the production process increases the quality and reliability and increases its accuracy. Automation enables outreach activities to establish quality requirements of ISO 9000 without increasing the administrative burden.




Maintain high production
How to shorten the lifetime of the product is necessary to try to produce as many products for this short period of time, otherwise the introduction of production becomes inefficient.



Example of usage (video used with permission from ABB)

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Reduction of production costs

Reducing production costs is achieved by the automation:

  • better organization of the manufacturing process
  • material savings
  • savings in storage and production areas
  • reducing the cost of producing poor
  • energy savings of any kind due to their accurate measurements and optimal control




Increasing the stability of the production process
The stability of the production process is needed for the ability to meet the agreed deadlines and costs. It is also one of the conditions for the optimization of the production process. Automate it achieves rapid identification of important states, monitoring major trends, automatic identification of products, employees and other agents of the manufacturing process.



Optimization of the manufacturing process
Automation enables fast and accurate measurement, evaluation and implementation levels found necessary intervention in real time. It is possible to achieve the optimum cost, the optimum timing, optimum utilization of raw materials and other resources available..



Providing fast and accurate information about the state and throughout the entire production process
As the growing complexity of current production technologies, increasing the demands on their management, which can not be imagined without the necessary information security. Precise, quick and relevant information are necessary for the proceedings. Automation allows you to obtain this information and distribute it to the required control points in the enterprise, not only in alphanumeric form, but also in audio and video form (process visualization multimedia computer resources).